Free OddsPulse for new Sporttrade Users

Sporttrade has an amazing offer for our customers!

For anyone who signs up for a new Sporttrade account and uses the coupon code PULSE, they will pay for up to 3 months* of an odds pulse subscription.

Also, they will be offering you up to $300** cash back on all wagers in your first week with Sporttrade. Here’s the easy way to maximize both of these offers right away:

Use Sporttrade to open up new books and hedge sign up bonuses against Sporttrade. Use the OddsPulse promo converter to do the math quickly and find your best deal, and once your sign up promos are done, use OddsPulse to keep it going by looking for Arbitrage bets.

You will be able to make money on the sign up bonus, make some cash back from Sporttrade, and as a bonus, get up to 3 months of odds pulse free* to help make the sign ups easier! Then, after you open the books, learn to arbitrage bet to make money every day! This offer is only open to new users to Sporttrade for both new and existing odds pulse customers.

* At time of writing, Sporttrade will give 1 month of Oddspulse if a user bets through $100 on Sporttrade in their first week, and 3 months if a user bets through $500 in the first week – TCs at Sporttrade here:

** Sporttrade current signup offer is 3% cash back on each qualifying bet in your first 7 days of betting, up to $300!  Note – Cash outs (selling a portion of a position) do not earn additional cash back. These terms may be subject to change. See the fine print at Sporttrade for full details.

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Above Offer Starts 12/6/23